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The Anglo-European Phase One Agreement

Theresa May has sold us out, as I predicted she would. It was always a mistake to put a Remainer in charge of Brexit. It was an even worse mistake not to force out the anti-Brexit Cabinet Secretary, Sir Jeremy Heywood. The Cabinet Office ran rings about the DUP on Thursday and have forced them into accepting an agreement which could cost us up to £1.5 trillion in the next decade and will drive up the UK’s debt.

The key phrase is “full alignment”. It appears in the section headed “Ireland and Northern Ireland”. It’s opaque, but can and no doubt will be interpreted to mean that the UK will remain a member of the single market and customs union in all but name, subject only to temporarily modifying the principle of free movement.

Very evidently Theresa May and the Cabinet Office remain fully committed to EU membership. The plan appears to be to deprive us of the economic benefits of Brexit, not conclude a free trade deal with America and stay so closely aligned to the EU that we will be able to rejoin without difficulty when the political situation permits, relying on the police and the Army to crush dissent.  

The giveaway is the plan to give up to three million European aliens the vote. As a former Home Secretary, Theresa May knows perfectly well that settled status is a path to citizenship. If three million Europeans are added to the voters’ roll within the next decade the Tories will find it almost impossible to win an election, not least as they are alienating their core supporters.

Key elements of Labour reject Brexit and we will probably find Labour campaigning in say 2026 in favour of rejoining. Never forget that Harold Wilson, who worked for the Abwehr in World War II, applied to take us in.

Labour are astonishingly ignorant about the EU. Seemingly unaware that the IRA are controlled from Germany, Sir Keir Starmer only this weekend made historically illiterate comments about the Troubles in Northern Ireland. My old classmate Emily Thornberry is economically illiterate, with respect, labouring under the grotesque delusion that we benefit from the single market.

It looks as though the Cabinet Office and the Commission jointly envisage a ten year time frame for the UK to rejoin the EU, hence the 2 + 8 arrangement on the CJEU. As always with EU agreements it’s the secret protocols which really matter. Did May secretly agree, e.g., not to seek a free trade deal with America? If so it would explain her refusal to embark on serious trade talks with the US and her strategy of insulting America’s elected president at every turn. US intelligence are monitoring the talks closely and will be aware of May’s opposition to a UKUSA free trade deal. President Trump with respect knew what he was doing when he finally responded to May’s insults.


The agreement mounts a frontal attack upon Implied Repeal, a fundamental constitutional doctrine. Fortunately, since Parliament cannot bind its successors, that part of the agreement which states that the Implementation Bill will take precedence over all other statutes is void for illegality. Technically, Theresa May could be tried for her life at the Bar of Parliament for signing it.

Media briefings from Cabinet Office officials last week about ‘advisory opinions’ were an exercise in deception. The agreement contains no reference to advisory opinions at all. As it stands, our courts will be obliged to refer questions of community law to the CJEU and will be bound by its rulings. Having referred two cases myself as a national judge I am not unfamiliar with the procedure! The text will be interpreted to make Luxembourg’s decisions binding.  

Officials have carefully avoided referring to the Commission’s right to intervene. That’s right – in every case before the British courts involving a community alien the Commission will have the right to intervene.

There are no costings for accepting the continued dumping here of three million mostly unskilled and semi-skilled community aliens. Since the annual cost of labour dumping is likely to fall between £50 and £75 billion, not including the social costs of pressure on housing, the immigration aspects of the agreement could cost the UK as much as £1.5 trillion. Community aliens already here will be able to stay for life, draining the British economy for decades to come. They do not pay enough in tax to cover the welfare costs of the British workers they displace.

Many of our expats are pensioners, i.e. take money out of the UK and spend it in Europe. Many of the others have skills which we could usefully use here. The agreement is overwhelmingly in the EU’s interests.

Northern Ireland

The flanking of the DUP, no offence intended, by the Cabinet Office has left us with a hugely expensive commitment to single market membership, albeit disguised as “full alignment”. Of course agricultural interests in the Republic want continued access to the UK’s market. What they should have done was pressure Dublin into withdrawing from the EU at the same time as us. That’s the only way to avoid a hard border.  

The agreement to maintain the Common Travel Area is nonsense on stilts, because of Third Country Nationals. The EU visa regime will diverge from ours and passport control will be needed at the Anglo-Irish frontier. However the DUP may have done us a favour – this deal is so bad it is unacceptable.

May will have to go. Arlene Foster should be able to hang on, but with respect needs to understand that there will either have to be North/South or East/West passport and Customs controls. I want the frontier in Ireland, not on the mainland.   

Photo by Tiocfaidh ár lá 1916

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Michael Shrimpton
About Michael Shrimpton (35 Articles)
Michael Shrimpton is a prominent Eurosceptic, having advised the Maastricht rebels. He is a former Chairman of the Bruges Group and former National Committee member of the Campaign for an Independent Britain. He defected to the Tory Party in 1997, mainly on the issue of Europe. As a barrister he led the defence of the Metric Martyrs. His major intelligence text Spyhunter: The Secret History of German Intelligence was published by June Press in 2014. He has written on European matters for The Times and Eurofacts.

17 Comments on The Anglo-European Phase One Agreement

  1. Read my book Spyhunter, Hugh! His main role was supplying shipping intelligence – convoy routes, timings and details of cargoes. It was sent to Berlin via the large Abwehr station in Dublin.

    You may be happy about Britain being a German client-state inside the EU, the majority are not! We must break for the open sea and diverge from the EU as much as possible.

    We need to reduce lorry weights to say 6 tons per axle, shift freight from road to rail, check all incoming trucks for contraband, drugs and illegal immigrants, move back to Imperial weights and measures and scrap EU regulations, freeing up our economy.

    We also need honest trade statistics – time to bring the Rotterdam/Antwerp Fraud to an end. VAT should be replaced by Purchase Tax and exports to the EU27 calculated in the same way as non-EU exports. At the moment they are calculated using VAT returns, which artificially boost the level of exports to the EU.

    The ECHR should go as well and capital punishment brought back, with a democratic mandate. The further we diverge the lesser the risk of being dragged back in, as Appeaser Theresa seems to want.

  2. “What they should have done was pressure Dublin into withdrawing from the EU at the same time as us. That’s the only way to avoid a hard border.”
    It would have made sense to offer Dublin many of the £££Billions now destined to be gifted to the EU to ease their withdrawal from the EU. Am sure there would be less anxiety over shovelling money to the Republic of Ireland as opposed to the EU.

  3. It’s utterly splendid news. The closer we are to Europe the better it will be for our descendants. This backward-looking crie de coeur will be risible in a hundred years. As for Wilson and the Abwehr, don’t you think you’d best quote sources and evidence. It would be a courtesy.

  4. I exposed Wilson in Spyhunter. MSM dare not refer to it, so unsurprising that it does not come up in a Google search.

    Some good comments here. May and Heywood are clearly committed to keeping as close to the EU as possible and taking us back in should circumstances allow.

    If May’s plan to give community aliens the vote fails, as it’s likely to once MPs wake up to what’s being proposed, it’s highly unlikely there would be a pro-EU majority.

    The plan relies on the naivety and ignorance of backbenchers.

    Good to see Friday’s agreement unravelling already!

    I worked with Christopher Story on exposing Heath, but he had other sources.

    The key thing is to make sure that we leave without a deal.

  5. Michael, thank you for a common sense article.

    “Technically, Theresa May could be tried for her life at the Bar of Parliament for signing it.”

    If only…along with the many other treasonous politicians.

  6. The ersatz tory fall back plan just in case the unbelievable happened, and it did, next the may placement farce, gove the assassin come PM candidate, johnson the victim, leadsome bit part in the farce, all leading to the already set up leader.
    The farce clincher Isolate Farage, introduce 9 month delay
    regrouping time for remainers / brussels all on course for the very limited damage to brussels campaign.
    I have posted for the membership to stand fast and build on UKIP membership,self demob was the wrong course to take.

  7. Alan’s link didn’t work. This seems to be the correct link:

  8. Harold Wilson working for the Abwehr? I couldn’t find anything about that on the Internet but I did find somebody who thought the same of Edward Heath. Have a look at The New Underworld Order: Triumph of Criminalism the Global Hegemony of Masonic Intelligence by Christopher Story on Google Books.
    Obviously Mike Yarwood missed a trick there: Harold Wilson and Edward Heath meet Herr Flick at Rene’s cafe.

    • Martin,

      Heath himself did attend the Nuremberg Rally (after receiving a personal invite from the German embassy in London). He sat in a box close to Hitler’s own box. He also attended a party after the rally hosted by Himmler, and he even met Goebbels at the event, and enjoyed some Franconian wine there too.
      Odd how a no-body suddenly gets an invite to attend a regime rally in a increasingly hostile nation and has access to inner party members? Why would someone want to associate with this group? Would a person who attended such an event not constitute a big red flag? Draw your own conclusions folks.
      It is well documented in Heath’s own book ‘Travels’.

  9. This legal opinion from Michael Shrimpton is deeply, deeply concerning. The best we can hope for now is no deal. Definitely for me, no deal is the best deal. Beyond that is the maxim that no parliament can bind another. Under our fake democracy – where everyone is forced to vote against one of the two main parties and fewer and fewer people seem to be voting positively, this is broken democracy par excellence. We have pendulum politics between two parties that, basically, take the same position on all the major issues from EU membership to crime, Islam and political correctness. As long as we have this unsatisfactory duopoly, there is little chance of a future parliament upsetting Maybe’s capitulation. Somehow, Parliament has to be returned to the people. JRE said it could only be done by direct democracy. Was he right?

  10. My favourite quote of the day comes from Gerald Warner writing today for Reaction –

    “If Nigel Farage chooses to return to British politics, to build a popular movement to deliver a clean, no-deal Brexi, he could sweep the legacy parties like roadkill off the highway of history.”

  11. Michael – I’m getting sick of hearing about this trade deal, just an excuse to keep us tied to the European union.

    We’ve always had a trade deficit with European Union countries, a bad thing in itself, but to then pay huge sums of money for the privilege of having this deficit seems absolutely stupid. Paddy economics!

    I’m sure this trade deal benefits a few people, but we shouldn’t have to loose our country to support it and taxpayers shouldn’t have to subsidise it.

    I’m just looking for some numbers to shed some light on this, I’ll get back when I’ve analysed them.

    It’s about time Nigel or Henry exploded this trade deal myth, more garbage that comes out of Theresa May’s and John Hammond’s mouth.

    • I mean Philip Hammond and now it seems David Davis as well.

      • To be fair, as a meteorologist by trade, a lot of garbage does come out of John Hammond’s mouth so you’re not far from the truth. I’m surprised that the recent severe wintry weather hasn’t been blamed on Brexit, Donald Trump, the Russians or North Korea yet. 😉

  12. Re Northern Ireland; when the Irish Republic do wise up and leave the EU they can be offered the benefits of rejoining the Commonwealth: twice the number of countries and four times the population, with English as the common language of trade.

  13. There would have been an agreement by now if UKIP and or the genuine leavers had been doing the negotiating and it would be very different to the one we will get. I believe there is an element of wanting to punish us for daring to vote leave, It’s seen off Cameron, will destroy May and has cost the Tories their majority. So many dramatic miscalculations indicate how poor the Conservatives are at reading the mood of the nation, they can hardly be fit for overseeing our escape from the EU but that’s what we have. Oh dear.
    We had all better hope that UKIP can regain it’s influence in time to make a difference to the eventual outcome.

  14. Worrying about the outcome of the 2026 election is akin to a passenger on the sinking Titanic worrying about whether their tie is straight.

    Do you not think that saving our nation, and saving western civilisation should have some priority? See:

    Maybe the destruction of western countries is due to the actions of the German secret service? Perhaps a simpler explanation is that our idiot politicians (Blair, Brown, Cameron, Clegg, May etc) genuinely believe that Islam is peaceful and it has been hijacked by a tiny minority of extremists?

    Where is UKIP telling the truth about Islam? Every UKIP member, and certainly every UKIP candidate should make an effort to read the Koran, and look up “abrogation” and “taqiyya”. We may have as little as 12 years to the point of no return.

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