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Across Britain, Brexiteers March Against Theresa May’s Affront to Democracy

The British people are without question some of the most polite, well-mannered, and cultured in the history of mankind. But if we are pushed too far, our blood can boil, as discovered the neo-liberal elite this weekend that just passed. Across the UK, in Cardiff, Nottingham, and London, the People’s Charter Foundation held a number of non-partisan pro-Brexit rallies calling for MPs to respect the voice of the people or get out. Luke Nash-Jones, Director of the People’s Charter Foundation, and his deputy, Martin Costello, drove around the UK, boldly speaking out against the corrupt London-centric neo-liberal establishment that is a threat to democracy.

A crowd of fifty protesters had assembled in Cardiff Bay on a cold Saturday morning to hear their words. The police were very positive towards the Brexiteers, dragging off by the collar two snobby lads, probably trust-fund latte liberals, who lurched towards Nash-Jones. Present, as well as UKIP members from Wales and South West England, were activists from the alt-left group Stand Up to Racism who chanted non-stop, like zombies, for the duration of Nash-Jones’s speech “Luke is not welcome here”. He firmly castigated the counter-protestors for their hypocrisy, for example, their leader Diane Abbott “is in no position to campaign against racism, when she herself said white mothers are inferior to black mothers.” He also lambasted the alt-left thugs for their speaker Moazzam Begg, who not only is a former detainee of the infamous Guantanamo Bay prison camp for terrorists, but also notoriously praised Jihadi John.

Despite aggression from the left, the Chartists continued to deliver their thoughts on the Welsh Assembly’s failure to respect the will of the people. Martin Costello proudly announced “I love Europe”, pointing out this he doesn’t hate the European people, but merely rejects a pan-European government. He declared, “We have people dying on trolleys due to the lack of funding, whilst you guys are sending £35 million a day to the EU gravy train in funding.” Costello called for British jobs to be given to British people, and hence the adoption of an Australian-style system. We clearly voted to leave the European Union, because we want an end to mass migration.

“We standing here today are the real voice of the working class”, announced Nash-Jones, as he called today’s Welsh Labour:

Not even a ghost of the party in the days of Peter Shore and Aneurin Bevan. Those men eviscerated the EU, with stirring speeches we even re-play with admiration today, while this house in front of me is full of leeches who care only for sucking money out of you in tax, as they sell our nation to foreign powers.

Nash-Jones, the grandson of a Welsh miner, stated that Labour “do not deserve the pedestal on which they stand”, because “Labour’s hero Harold Wilson shut twice as many mines as Thatcher”. He called for the British government to embrace the spirit of Trump and place a tax on Chinese steel so as to save Port Talbot.

Onwards the Chartists went to Beeston Square in Nottingham, the Parliamentary constituency of Broxtowe, run by Queen of the Remoaners, Anna Soubry. About 120 Brexiteers had assembled, and marched through the city chanting “Soubry Out” and “What do we want? Brexit! When do we want it? Now!”

Bill Etheridge MEP announced that the fightback against the Westminster establishment starts now. “We are free and we are British and we will not accept totalitarian rule from Brussels or Westminster”, he said, calling Britain the “beacon of light and freedom” in the world.

Martin Costello called upon Soubry’s constituents to “rise up” against the “greedy and treacherous Sheriff of Nottingham”. He exclaimed, “We want to see British jobs for British workers.”

Luke Nash-Jones invoked the “spirit of Robin Hood”, exclaiming:

The democracy for which the Chartists risked their lives, the freedom for which they struggled, is not the property of Anna Soubry to sacrifice! Talking on Facebook. Waffling on Whatsapp. Whining on the sofa. That won’t save Britain. We need action! Either you get up off your backsides, you put down those TV remotes, and you protest on the street, or our nation dies.

UKIP’s parliamentary candidate for Broxtowe, Fran Loi, who showed great spirit by attending the rally on his 40th birthday, bravely stood against Anna Soubry (who he called “the Queen of Remain”), in the last election. Loi issued a stark warning to the government and Westminster elites. “Defy the British people at your peril”, he declared. “To any MP, who would so consciously defy the will of the British people, we send a message, to remind them, you work for us.” He was followed by words from UKIP Loughborough’s Andy McWilliam – there will soon be a People’s Charter protest in that constituency, home to Tory MP Nicky Morgan.

The Chartists’ Brexit road-trip continued to London, where about 150 protestors were present. On Sunday, Steven Woolfe MEP was the first speaker, and he condemned the ‘ultra Remainer cult’ consisting of the likes of Lord Adonis, Nick Clegg, and Kenneth Clarke who, “will not listen to democracy and the peoples’ vote”. We need to “win our Brexit back”, he stated, “freedom and democracy is what keeps us alive.” Woolfe said the British people have, “an iron will to get Brexit.”

Nash-Jones shouted to Downing Street across the road that the Prime Minister must decide whether she is a fascist, or a populist who respects the will of the people. He stated, “True fascism is the objection to democracy. The left, where Hitler resided. That’s not a good place to be!” He warned of the Saudi influence on the British government that the EU has allowed, mentioning Kalergi and the Frankfurt School. With passion he shouted:

England will not exist by the time I am old. Your children will not have a home. We will descend into the abyss of Islamo-Marxism. I say no. We will not stand idly by, crippled with fear, heads held low, as our nation, the greatest civilisation mankind ever knew, fades off into history.

Cliff Dixon exclaimed that “The people of our country are now fighting against an elite and our weapons are our words and our beliefs.” Elizabeth Jones from the NEC lambasted Theresa May

for ignoring the will of the people. The Brexiteers then marched up Whitehall, carrying a massive banner that read “The People Have Spoken. Respect our Voice.”

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18 Comments on Across Britain, Brexiteers March Against Theresa May’s Affront to Democracy

  1. “A crowd of fifty protesters had assembled in Cardiff Bay on a cold Saturday morning to hear their words.”

    Fantastic phrasing!
    No mention that the vast majority were vociferous leftist opponents bent on shouting the speakers down.

  2. UKIP is currently led by a former Liberal Democrat politician who has no little or no interest in Brexit. Unfortunately like a lot of others I mistakenly noted voted and whats more for him, but he has been a cataclysmic disaster for the party. In fact quite the worst leader that we have ever had. It is important for the future of UKIP that he goes. Fortunately there is I believe a potential charismatic leader in UKIP already who is truly an excellent orator who will rally the troops, and we are in desperate need of a b it of rallying. That person is David Kurten. I just wish I had stuck to my guns and voted for him as I had originally intended. I am just as much to blame as others. We would not have been in this dire mess that we have found ourselves in I just hope to goodness the NEC do the right thing this coming Sunday and return a vote of no confidence in Henry Bolton and call time on his disasterous leadership, so we can get back to some semblance of normality.

    • If david K is so wonderful how come he is not voicing out loud NOW what 99% of the people on this site are saying : that HB must GO and NOW if there is to be any hope of saving the Party and Brexit ?

      Silence from him just like from all the rest.

      Great Leadership potential I don’t think 🙁

    • I wonder how valid is ‘former’ LibDem ~given that he still dines in the Nat Lib Club apparently ?

      A superficial observation I agree, save when you combine it with the fact that during his four months in office as ‘Leader’ ( prior to the shenanigans ) he was effectively silent on the issue of Mass Uncontrolled Immigration.

      The most I have seen him state ~when pressed v v hard ~has been a policy of vaguely wanting to get numbers down ~ but without aspiring to any particular number ~so………….more or less the same policy as the Government’s.

      At bottom is he not just another pol whose main motivation is to be able to continue dining with the GreatandTheGood at their Islington and Camden ( or Nat Liberal Club ) dining tables , whilst saying ‘ Look at me ~unlike the great unwashed Plebs I am all in favour of MUI ~because ( unlike the Plebs ) I am a GOOD person ‘ ?

  3. I was delighted to see that Katie Hopkins is now writing for TheRebel, but her article today makes for some depressing reading:
    People in the upper echelons of UKIP could do well to read this article, to appreciate how lost and desperate some people are getting, that they think the only way to escape the hellhole that the UK and Western Europe is becoming is to literally escape.
    These are the kinds of people that UKIP is failing, the kinds of people that are desperate for a party that will represent them, stand up for them, and fight for them.
    People like Luke Nash-Jones and his ilk are doing a commendable job, but does anyone really think these protests will garner much favourable mainstream media attention? Of course not! Not to say that there is no point in organising these protests and marches, of course they should take place, and I’d love more people to get involved and take part.
    Our government and their opposition in Parliament do not represent their people, only their own self-interests and the interests of the puppet-master Establishment Elites that control them. The time is coming when the people will rise up.

    • Daily Mail 10 November 2009
      “He was the enfant terrible of the 1980s, as famous for his attacks on Margaret Thatcher as his terrible shiny suits. But at the age of 50, it seems Ben Elton has had enough of railing against the Establishment and is departing for sunnier climes.The writer and comedian is moving to Fremantle in Western Australia next month with his wife, the Australian saxophonist Sophie Gare, and their three children, ten-year-old twins Bert and Lottie, and their son Fred, eight.”

  4. Colin,

    Hear, hear from me too, where is UKIP? We have been asking this question ever since the referendum results, and we are not the only ones. Just today I was talking to decorator decorating our hallway who voted for brexit and UKIP in the election, I told him there may be no UKIP to vote for come the next election, he asked me why not, what am I supposed to say in response? UKIP is publicly falling apart.

    We have deserted him and millions of others by our internal squabbling and non action, the hierarchy of UKIP should be ashamed of themselves and hang their heads in shame. This non-activity and naval gazing is certainly not down to the ordinary members who slogged their guts out to try and get the result we got, neither is it the fault of Nigel Farage although it would have helped if he had stuck around a bit longer.

    This was never a ‘done deal’, and now we can see how all the traitors and quislings are doing their utmost to reverse what was democratically voted for by the British public. If only Rees-Mogg would join us or some other ‘Churchillian’ type figure capable of galvanising what members we have left and the general public to stand up and fight (peacefully of course).

    Will our justifiable revolt be left to the last hour or have we caved in already I ask myself, I know that like me you are all probably p****d off and tired with whole thing, but what is the alternative? We will lose this battle and that would be heartbreaking.

    We need to find a ‘scrapper’ and a valiant speaker, frightened of no one, they do not have to have a clean slate (look at Donald) but in our case it may help. We certainly don’t need another cad or liar in post, dare I say what about a woman this time! But then just remembered Diane James, but perhaps she did not get the support she needed, which seems to be a long standing problem within UKIP.

    More importantly don’t just listen to Nigel next time as he seems to have a very poor judgement of character for some reason, poor thing. However, he is a big fan of Rees-Mogg and I cannot fault him there, but even Nigel must feel despair at the latest shenanigans going on. So, if we cannot find a suitable leader we could always manage without one as has been suggested and nominate a top team to take on the role, that way they could all carry the burden and support each other assuming they don’t start bickering amongst themselves as they are apt to do!

  5. Well done Luke. However small in numbers, your marches will have ignited bush fires in the minds of many.
    The palsied leadership of UKIP has demoralised the members and failed to give any lead, shamefully letting down our nation. It will be quicker to start again without their baggage than reform the irredeemables at the top

  6. Hear hear, I entirely agree with you there. However why is our party, the UK Independence Party not taking the lead the in these issues. Why are we not organising rallies, marches and demonstrations in support of a full Brexit. Why are we not coordinating and working with other Brexit organisations on these type of activities. The members and activists of UKIP are crying out for a bit of leadership and guidance from above, and for too long now it has not been forthcoming. Come on UKIP start taking the intiative and lead here, and start supporting the need for peaceful demonstrations. What sort of message are we sending to Downing Street and the country as a whole when only a handful of protesters turn up. Theresa May must be thinking right now, ‘even the Brexiteers are not that interested, so is there any reason why I should be’ Perhaps needs to start taking the lead as well, perhaps we need an organisation which cuts across the political divide once again.

    • Viv,

      Sorry, I have put this in twice, still trying to get used to commenting on here again, got carried away I’m afraid. Thanks.

    • I did ask that in the run up to the last Leadership election Colin, of Jane Collins I think was her name, and I was told that ‘UKIP don’t do demonstrations’.

    • I and a few other UKIP supporters/members went to London about a year ago to protest near the Supreme Court. UKIP was originally going to go however pulled out for fear of a counter protest. Which we thought was pathetic, and a few of us went anyway. It was organised by the People’s Charter.

      UKIP had already lost its boldness a year ago, and that was before the Stoke debacle.

  7. I never saw any of this reported in any news reports. It looks like another establishment blackout.

    • It probably didn’t make the MSM because, sadly, the turnout was less than we see for protests about increases in hospital parking charges. VERY disappointing and I’m ashamed to say that I was not present either.

    • If the MSM – to a man – didn’t report the news that 70,000 (70K) entirely peaceful protesters shut Park Lane and Piccadilly (London) with the co-operation of the Police last autumn (Football Lads Alliance – against terrorism in the UK)then unfortunately the Chartists will never get coverage. Nor will UKIP.

  8. If they hadn’t played ‘Who’s King of the Castle?’ in 1940 we’d all now be speaking German ( well , those not gassed in the chambers ).

  9. There is a lot to be done, but instead of doing it we are playing “Who is king of the castle”.

  10. I am 72 and travelled to Beeston from Cleethorpes with our Branch Chairwoman to attend this very well spoken rally. I did think tho’ that with Nottingham being a stong Leave area that the attendance would have been a bit better considering the size of the local UKIP Party, I met 1 member who did not see any of his own Branch. Like Luke Nash-Jones said, if you want things to happen you need to get off your sofa’s. If I can do it at my age you younger local members should be able to do it better. It was still an effective meeting though, and I shall be going to others.

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