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A problem with bots

Four major catastrophes in less than three months. One writes of course over the tragedies in London and Manchester. They have one commonality – mass immigration. Migrants have been victims and perpetrators of catastrophe. The smouldering Grenfell Tower is a charred edifice that perfectly suits the state of modern Britain. Indeed it is like an architectural modern ‘Dorian Gray’, a picture that aged and decayed while its owner failed to age. Oscar Wilde had great insight into the depths of the human soul.

Look at the released pictures inside the gutted ruin. How could anybody survive this? I am hardly the ‘PC’ type but tragedy is no place for it anyway. Human is human. Only a psychopath could fail to be moved to a range of emotions from pity to anger at this awful event. One is not known for doing ‘feely-touchy’ either as a kind of ‘virtue signaller’. No, I’m into proper compassion and cold reality.

How sick the political situation in Britain is means that the writer must scribble under a sobriquet, such is the grip of political correctness on society today. Say the wrong thing in an endless number of cases and the mobs of Internet piranha will enter into a feeding frenzy, so condemning the author to ‘desocialisation’– loss of work and friends at the very least, but possibly a police arrest at worst such is the iron grip of subjectively interpreted ‘hate crime’ legislation. True law, like truth itself, was objective and recognised by all normal people until a few decades ago….

Grenfell is truth – a horrid fact but nevertheless it ‘tells it as it is’. Politicians and their coteries do not, nor do modern thought-heresy-hunting police who bear increasing comparison with the former notorious ‘Stasi’ of the GDR. I watched a video on Youtube where an overweight member of Manchester’s finest, attired in ubiquitous fluorescent yellow jacket seen on all of today’s police, assault a young gay man simply talking to a journalist while protesting about the growing influence of sharia-style laws.

Since when has it been the business of the police’s to decide who gets to talk to the media? Yet another example of what is wrong with a country once renowned for its freedom of speech and good manners. Oafs and boors seem in the ascendant today.

I admire the bravery of the emergency services but that does not excuse the increasingly thuggish behaviour of certain officials who seem to have forgotten they serve the public, not we them. I had a major row with one such individual  in the Northamptonshire constabulary some years ago. It involved the question of Parliamentary privilege and an MP’s Private Member’s Bill to ban certain body and face coverings in these times. I spoke to the MP by telephone to obtain the facts, then contacted the investigating officer who denied that Parliamentary privilege was still existent, as it was now ‘changed times’. He even threatened me with arrest for ‘harassment’.

Two days later the Speaker of the House of Commons confirmed that Parliamentary privilege was still valid in the case of a Labour MP or two who had been light fingered in matters of certain expenses. I called the sergeant involved to obtain his response. He refused to receive the call.

A few days later the Metropolitan Police raided Parliament itself searching for ‘files’ as evidence of leaked information. That was another case but shows how we have lost our accepted social constructs so well reflected in the phrase ‘The public are the police and the police are the public’. Once we stray into a situation where police can act against their own sovereign we stray into very dangerous waters.

I think Grenfell is part of that same problem. It should not matter one iota whether a victim is black, white or brown in skin shade or of what religious fraternity they stem from. The law and its social application must be applied without favour or partiality. Once it falls below this high standard it becomes tyranny.

I read some of the comments on the revolting Facebook mentioning the obvious foreign religious affiliations and ethnicity of the victims of Grenfell. Britain First was reported to have been in the area by the Independent newspaper, that like the Guardian can be somewhat creative in its reportage, the Daily Mail too is also ‘creative’ with facts. To use a modern fashionable term-‘Fake news’ is not the sole proclivity of ‘Leftist’ journals. As we know pulp fiction is across the board these days. Papers resemble increasingly Penny Dreadfuls of earlier times.

The death toll of the tragedy is going to be in the hundreds. Young mites were thrown from high floors. The MSM will not reveal the full horror of the numbers involved. Just as they refuse to release other facts that those that committed the murders on London Bridge and Manchester, they perhaps fear the essential factor common to all in these tragedies. That common factor is migration.

Mass migration has been an untold catastrophe not only in UK but across Europe. However, such is the cloying fear and paranoia of ‘thought heresy’, people have died and the culprits allowed to proceed along their corrupt routes.

How many more must die to suit the modern purveyors of ‘fake news’ and heresy hunting ‘witch-finder’ police? Migrants have been the major victims of these dreadful occurrences but that should not be construed as that I favour migrants but simply a fact. Impartiality is proper application of law, not political correctitude and sick agendas.

Something stinks to Heaven over these tragic events. I sniff corruption in high places and a collapse in what was once simple human compassion for all colours and creeds. All we have today is robots in uniform or Vogue fashion that seem oblivious to how ordinary folk have to suffer outside their rarefied privileged existences.

Once children die that situation must end. Our common humanity demands nothing less. Migration and its tragic consequences must be seen and understood and those responsible in the political class for this mess exposed for what they are – crooks and incompetents and maybe worse.

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7 Comments on A problem with bots

  1. Although I was in the Met for 30 years, I’ll leave comment on it to one side for the moment. Your correspondent writes “No, I’m into proper compassion and cold reality”. So was I 18 months ago – and me a fascist, uncompassionate, knuckle dragging hateful bastard who had been 15 years (on and off) a UKIP member. In September 2015 I attended a local meeting in Gloster, called by liberal, virtue signalling worthies who just ‘had to do something’ to help the ‘migrants’ and asylum seekers attempting to cross the Mediterranean. I asked the panel – including a Professor working at Oxford University – what steps were being put in place to help those people who were seemingly at the mercy of people traffickers. After considerable hesitation we were told, “I expect that the EU, as we speak, are putting measures in hand to address the problem”. They weren’t – and they haven’t. My disdain for Merkel’s “open doors” migrant policy was tempered by the thought that very little humanity was being shown to those who were attempting the sea crossing in flimsy craft. I did some simple research and put together a letter (any journalist could have done the same) which I thought addressed the problem. For the most part it plagiarised other, recent rescue missions. I sent it to The Western Daily Press who, I was surprised to find, printed it – uncut – as full page opinion piece with a credit. I sent it to UKIP’s hierarchy and received one reply: “Well – it’s different”. My local Green MEP was also silent on the matter. I also sent it to my local MP and Lord Dubs – apparently the refugee’s champion. Not even an acknowledgement from either. I then found what I thought what was a vindication of my views during an interview of the King of Jordan by the BBC’s Lyce Doucet. He said,(I paraphrase) ” As they seemed to be taking the moral high ground, I gave the EU an assurance that, at my country’s own expense, we would safely transport to Germany every Syrian migrant that Berlin could handle. I never received a response. Nor did we receive any financial help from the amount which was promised at the conference called by David Cameron to address the problem”. It’s my opinion that every migrant death in the Med could be fairly attributed to the inaction of world Governments and particularly the EU and it’s members. It seems that, at the very least, the events at Dunkirk, 1940 had left an insufficient impression on the minds of all EU MEPs. The crisis in the Med was engineered by the EU to facilitate unopposed mass migration. Sympathy for those caught up in what was portrayed by a compliant media as a ‘crisis’, helped bolster support for Merkel’s initial ‘humanitarian’ action which called for the needy to get to Europe as quickly as possible. If the authorities failed the residents of Grenfell then the EU failed the Dead in the Med to an equal degree. Unfortunately the Med’s death toll was higher and no one on the Left (or anywhere else) has raised a whimper

  2. Cramming 500 people into firetraps or bringing in millions of the Third World, is what I mean by migration victims. The real culprits are the vampire liberals seeking to feed their feely-touchy sensations. Psychopaths don’t operate like normal humans. They need to feed their shallow egos. Their sense of proportions is fatally flawed.
    Sending government officials to Sub Saharan Africa Swat Valley Pakistan/Bngladesh, telling them they will have everything for free and luxurious lifestyles is the cause of these growing travesties. These events are crimes against humanity. What price a dead child or mother in UK or crossing the Inner Sea? This whole migration scandal is a conspiracy to destroy nations and cultures. All must be equal!

    My former profession was studying cultures and civilisations. Italy, Greece, and France ruined. Then we have Mali and Syria. the multiculturalists are vampires that treat humans as laboratory rats for their loony experiments in social engineering.
    Whole ancient cultures being erased. It makes me sick! And the Maybot will have another meeting of “Cobra” with her fellow feeders.They will not be sated until we all wear boiler suits and chips to monitor our lives.

    • Julian,

      We did not cram all these people into that high rise building, you can bet there will be many more bodies there that should not have been there and should not have even been in this country.

  3. The Police were a lot better than they are nowadays.
    My Grandfather Leonard was in Devon CID and his quip from the time around 1956 is amusing.

    “Brighton Police, all present and corrupt. The best Force money can buy

  4. Green politics and EU diktats took precedence over issues of safety.
    “Asylum seekers” are guaranteed by law suitable housing per family unit. This is the de facto priority for local authority housing demand. This means that for years there has been no spare capacity to decant people out of death traps like Grenfell (after the green cladding which made it unsafe). Too many bureaucrats think only of head down and dont cause trouble with difficult questions.
    EU regs take no notice of the fact that UK 240volts systems(quite distinct from rest of Europe) means that their green energy rules for fridges etc make them a potential menace.
    No joined up writing means that poor co-ordination of emergency services/fire prevention/social services/LA provision/planning and housing regs enforcement.
    Built without modern safety standards such as sprinkler systems/failsafe lighting/alarm bells/alternative exits as per New York these tower blocks should have been pulled down or at best given a major redev allowing for all above.
    Every LA should have in place German style emergency systems with named official in charge with building requisitioning power and financial support to deal with major emergencies.
    Every single survivor of Grenfell except those in hospital should have been given free hotel accommodation nearby within say 18 hrs. For as long as it took to sort it out. The residents were innocent of all blame.
    Although PM May is not guilty of these incidents she is nevertheless responsible as given her Office of PM. She has been found wanting every single time. Very few of the MPs in the new Parliament are much better.

    • CK,
      “…building requisitioning power…”

      Do you really believe that building owners should have their buildings trashed by the likes of the rioting mob we have seen?

      Compassion and appropriate assistance is one thing; seizing private property is a step too far. There are better means of providing temporary accommodation.

  5. If Julian believes the police used to be wonderful he should have been around before PACE. Little in substance has changed since the days of Inspector Challenor – only the approach to doing it.

    I’m fed up with reading about cases against policemen who regard themselves as above the law. One victim was told “I can do what I like”.

    Before PACE the scale of corruption was beyond belief. All that has changed is that in tnose days it was treated as ‘all in a good cause’ by the entire system and ignored. Hence ‘Dixon of Dock Green’. Now the system has procedural ways and means to evade complaints most of the time. A couple of years ago the head of the IPCC said on Newsnight that the police can’t be trusted. How scandalous is that?

    In my view the whole thing is rooted in another age and needs closing down and to be started again on a different basis with different training. It’s fair to say that moving to a graduate police service may be an attempt to do that quietly.

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