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A Polished Veneer

When you look at out country today, you can see the results of many decades of LiblabCon political leadership: it’s not a pretty picture. I’m sure I don’t need to describe this picture to you all, it’s the reason many of you have supported UKIP, but should you continue to do so?

At a time of economic madness, we’ve been stung for hundreds of billions of pounds to support ‘too big to fail’ banks, we’ll pay for this over time through inflation or currency depreciation and taxes. Our country is being overrun by Third World migrants, the majority of which we’ll have to work to support. All of this at a time of disappearing middle class jobs, zero hours contracts and an increasing disparity between incomes and the cost of living.

We don’t get much gratitude from our immigrant population, they get a better life at our expense and in return they gang rape our women and groom our children for sex. Our government, not only fails to address these issues, they’ve made it plain that we should accept it as the new normal.

The trends are becoming increasingly obvious, our way of life is under threat and we’re heading into disaster. Unfortunately, the Liberal Left politics that have become the mainstream in our country, seems to be very lucrative for our politicians of whichever party and they will cling to it for dear life.

I have lived in a number of Third World countries such as Brazil, these countries are nearly all led by incredibly and blatantly corrupt politicians, they make the peoples live in these countries an utter misery. I have come to the conclusion that the only difference between these Third World politicians and our politicians is that ours know how to hide behind a much more polished veneer of respectability.

When we look behind this polished veneer at the politicians that hide there and the sum total of decades of their (so called) leadership, again, it’s not a pretty picture. We were taken into the European Union by an act of treason, something that is often talked about but swept under the rug and never addressed. Our weak-willed Prime-Minister has barely concealed her and her colleagues’ reluctance to leave the EU. She looks set to back down to Brussels  at every turn. We were lied to again!

The Traitorous Prime-Minister that took us into the (so called) Common Market is now to have been a paedophile.

According to a variety of sources, one of the main reasons for reoccurring instances of paedophilia in politics is because these types of people are so easy to manipulate or blackmail (see this). There is much material to this effect available on the Internet if you’d care to research this.  

Then there was the Parliamentary expenses scandal, a fraud that has since disappeared from the public eye; hushed up again.

To sum this up, our successive governments over the decades, comprise of a group or groups of lying, fraudulent, paedophiles and perverts, that hold us in contempt and are leading us like lambs to the slaughter into perdition. These people belong behind bars rather than in Westminster leading the country.

Tony Blair was and is a war criminal. I appreciate that this is a matter of opinion, but I know what I and many others think. Regardless, we are and will be for the foreseeable future, be paying a very high price for his actions.

Imagine, if during the Second World War, our government had thrown our borders open to let in, not only the enemy, but anybody that felt like it, we would all be speaking German now. This is in effect what are recent governments have done. After around twenty years of bombing the Middle East, our government has allowed our country to be invaded by Muslims: these people are not our friends as recent events have shown. We may still end up growing beards, wearing burqas and praying to Allah. The demographics are clear.

Again we’re heading into disaster, we’re being attacked and the body count is rising, yet our government refuse to acknowledge the problem. Indeed we’re being subject to a massive propaganda campaign, the message being: that Islam is a religion of peace. More lies from a corrupt and perverted government. Anybody that thinks this will end in anything other than a complete disaster is sadly mistaken.

So, back to the question: should we continue to support UKIP?

The only person in UKIP’s current leadership contest that seems prepared and has a track record of actually speaking out with conviction against our current disastrous predicament is: Anne Marie Waters.

Anne Marie is a brave woman that has been treated disgracefully. That she will be allowed to stand as a leadership candidate, is very good news indeed. If Anne Marie wins the leadership contest, we should all give her as much support as we possibly can.

Anne Marie’s political background is probably a little right wing compared to my own and others have expressed this concern, but I think our current situation is so grave that this is not important. Indeed it is the long established Liberal, Labour, Conservative clique that has brought us this dire situation, the sum total of decades of their efforts: time to move on from this.

In the run up to the last election, the then UKIP leaders seemed to embrace mainstream politics and it was a disaster. Of course they tried to make some of the right noises, when they realised that their effort were failing, but it was too late. The other candidates in the leadership contest also seem only to keen to establish themselves in lucrative mainstream political careers.     

If UKIP won’t stand up against our corrupt, evil, lying mainstream political class and instead wants to join them in their lucrative place behind a polished veneer, then UKIP is no use to us. Perhaps it is time for many of us to move on and we’ll take Anne Marie with us.

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I'm not living in the UK at the moment, and I'm an ex university lecturer in IT and MBA. I don't belong to any political party but if I was in the UK I'd be with UKIP.

27 Comments on A Polished Veneer

  1. Another article which seems to be calling for UKIP to be radical even though that will mean being vilified.

    The other side want to avoid the vilification by being more mainstream and not rocking the boat.

    I want a party that will be radical and which will attract the hundreds of thousands who currently want to save civil society, but who have no organised group to flock to.

    Will UKIP be the party they want?

  2. My wife likes shopping at an upmarket supermkt quite some distance from our abode so I do not drive there often.Today was such a ‘treat’ and shamefully I had a coffee and read the papers (gratis) in the smart coffee bar attached, whilst the shopping was done. (I insist we buy wherever feasible veg from the market, meat from a local butcher,and many std items from a discount store. Yes I am a tyrant).
    The coffee bar was full of laptop looking trendy Guardianistas ( the paper I saw the most on nearby tables). So many of them either glum or smug depending upon their bank balance(?) and/or their love life. The I(independent) newspaper had a feature article on why Trump should be impeached; the writer of said article was foaming at the mouth and couldn’t wait to see the Republicans throw Trump to the lions.He was particularly incensed at Trump’s anti islam rhetoric and his pro nazi posture on Charlotteville. Where do you get such ignorance and lying bias?
    The Daily Tel had a letter from Venetia Caine of Glastonbury ( smile Venetia you are on candid camera)demanding a second referendum for the usual reasons partic the fact that there was only a 4% difference in the vote tallies.All this beggars belief. that means that next GE there will be a rerun in 200+ seats as the difference between the winner and second will be less than 4%. And of course the fact that everybody did not vote in the referendum means that some people were disenfranchised. Nice one! That means at the next GE all 650 seats will have to be rerun until someone gets more than 50% of the names on the electoral register.
    How is it possible that these privately educated (Venetia?) people can fail to grasp a referendum dynamic and fail to be aware of the anti British anti democratic fraudulent and criminal enterpriselike the EU is WHILST working class poor in Mansfield and Burnley and Cannock understand it all well?

  3. If Anne Marie Waters does not become the leader of UKIP, then I will leave UKIP because the other candidates are hypocrites regarding Islam and Muslims.

  4. I know a retired Police Inspector. We briefly discussed terrorism yesterday. He is of the opinion that the problem is only a tiny minority. Needless to say, he has not read the Koran.

    Where do you start with such people? They have some sort of force field bubble around them, through which uncomfortable truths cannot penetrate. I have tried, but it seems to be a hopeless task.

    • @ Hugo
      They don’t want to look at the truth because it scares them; they are moral cowards. They are still the children who pulled the blankets over their heads in case there was a monster lurking. It is very worrying that such people are in positions of authority, but they are, and in government, too.

    • Tommy Robinson has drawn our attention to the fact that Beds Police, I think it is, one Police Farce anyway has got slogan to do with their efforts at Policing with a picture of a hand giving the first finger (Isis) Salute – not just that but after Manchester the Chief of Manchester Police was pictured between two Imams and he too was, you’ve guessed it, giving the Isis salute. They’re that dumb – how those Imams must have laughed!

  5. “Take Anne Marie with us”? I think she’ll take us with her if the situation remains as dire as it is now and the corrupt manipulators manage to thwart her deserved election as leader. They’ve tried, they’re still trying.

    Some people think she’s too right-wing. Some people think she’s too left wing. Neither of these is true; the terms don’t apply to her. She sees what she believes is wrong and dangerous, and attacks it with all her might. She doesn’t conform, compromise or mince her words. Anne Marie is a truth-teller, which makes her a rare jewel indeed in the world of politics. A ruby beyond price.

    Either you believe in her and what she wants to achieve, or you want a watered-down version, a media-pleaser. Either you back her with votes and money or sit back to hedge your bets. I back her all the way and will continue to do so. I’ll stay in UKIP as long as she stays.

    If the faint-hearted anti-AMW brigade want to resign from their posts and the party because she’s a candidate or because she wins, we’ll have a more focused, more honest party.

  6. What can I say except keep adding my voice here to agree with what is being said and make my own emphases regarding the abyss into which we are hurtling.

    Yesterday I started to write a response to another article but scrapped it. I will write it now though because I consider it important.

    We have to get across the WHY to people, initially the members.
    Why Anne Marie is exceptional and why her message is so important. People keep saying she is, and she is but people need to be made to look at the big picture.

    To begin with an appeal for national and individual survival. This is not too strong a term. Look at all the deaths across Europe at the hands of the inept and the insane,
    This would include spelling out all the reasons given above and more, with figures where appropriate and links to authoritative texts. It should also include reference to the erosion of Christianity in the ME, which said quickly appears to be just one of those things that come and go somewhere else. But practising Christian or no, Islam has us well and truly within its sights. None shall escape; we are all infidels in their eyes. This needs to be made crystal clear.- Raymond Ibrahim is the source here. In fact he has a brilliant grasp on why we have been taken by surprise in the West and thus (many) view Islamic extremism as an aberration. In fact the brief period of modernisation in Turkey and Iran (others?) was the aberration.
    So we need to look at early 20th C history with the fall of the Ottomans and the rise of Attuturk. Briefly of course.

    The myth around Islam, which the West has surrounded itself with the most chronic myopia known ever to man, must be shattered.
    Lebanon is a within lifetime example of how a beautiful, inviting nation allowed itself to be submerged
    This has to be jaw dropping stuff to get attention in a way that cannot be seen as scaremongering.

    I agree that we in our sixties upwards and maybe some younger are almost a last bastion of hope and some of us do have some luxury of time to get our heads around it but AMW is young, there are several very young Youtubers who get it, the Identitarians, Lauren Southern and all their followers etc etc. who deserve our help in getting out the message.

    We cannot rely on truth and goodness to prevail of its own accord. To those who are deaf one must shout.
    All it takes for evil to flourish etc. And boy is it flourishing at present; in the UK, Europe, Canada, USA, Australia, the ME of course. The Devils pitchfork is two pronged; cultural Marxism and Islam in varying proportions according to each country’s recipe for disaster.

    • @ Eliza
      Any sane European or Western nation would teach schoolchildren the history of islam and its murderous ‘might is right’ global conquests over the last 1400 years. Instead, WW2 is done to death as a sine qua non on history curricula, presenting it as the worst event in history. That event, as horrific as it was, lasted a tiny fraction of the time span of islamic depredations and cost a fraction of the number of victims.

      What was I taught about the islamic world in history through junior and grammar school? Richard the Lionheart going to the Crusades and someone called Saladin wielding a scimitar. Nothing about the constant waves of islamic invasions and forced conversions of Christian countries that belatedly sparked the Crusades. Nothing about the fact that in the following centuries the muslim hordes tried again and again to invade Europe, beaten back by defenders in battles that most people have never heard of. Ignorance is not bliss; it is naive vulnerability.

      Nowadays, it is certainly politically incorrect to even mention this history to schoolchildren, let alone study it. Yet here we are again with the old enemy besieging our gates, as certain as ever that they will triumph over the kuffar with their devil god’s help, and rule the world for its glory. Fiction such as ‘The Omen’ is a soothing bedtime story for babies compared to the sickening reality of islamic evil ambition. If I was a Christian believer, I would certainly identify islam as the embodiment of the anti-Christ.

      How much more does a ‘religious’ cult have to do in the way of aggression, violence, persecution, rape, torture, murder and destruction before it is declared a menace to world peace and human rights? Instead, the islamic world is appeased and allowed to keep its captives, while Leftard traitors in the West present it as the ROP for their own totalitarian ends.

      • Well, absolutely, Panmelia. Some of our predicament is down to our shocking education which is presumably such as the current generation of leaders will have experienced, or not, too. I myself heard about Saladin from the Robin Hood series in the late 50s starring Richard Greene!

        Muslims have been referred to as Moors, Ottomans, Saracens, Berbers I think are included and the white slave trade is mentioned in the same breath as the black slave trade which black people themselves took part in (naturally all are terrible). Such references to odd groups here and there in various locations and dotted through history have failed to present the coherence of the Muslim will and purpose to invade and subjugate.
        Our Empire and our island position no doubt played a part in some false security which we have failed to update.

        For people who are unable to find time to read a whole book there is a very long but utterly riveting and revealing interview given by Raymond Ibrahim, a Coptic Christian born to Egyptian Copts in the US.
        He is one of those very clever academics that speaks clearly and knowledgeably ( he is fluent in Arabic) on the whole subject, putting the historical context into the modern day. He has written a book with great reviews called ‘Crucified Again: Exposing Islam’s New War on Christians’.
        I heartily recommend the month old interview which can easily be found on YouTube. It is with Hank Hanegraaff, also a Christian but do not let that put you off if you happen not to believe. We cannot really take religion out of it. This interview is full of interest and covers many aspects of how we have come to this point and about ‘moderate’ and extremist Muslims. Education Is covered as is the pitiful ‘leadership’ of the Church and politicians in these matters. Our pandering knows no bounds;
        Ibrahim does well to articulate the ‘why’ which I think is so important.
        Needless to say as with all recent books, and interviews it makes for depressing listening.
        All the more reason to hear it then!

  7. During the referendum campaign a 20-something asked me in our town centre why we “Leavers” were so concerned about immigration. I replied with the analogy that you can’t fit a quart into a pint pot. He knew not what a quart was. I suspect that if I had also mentioned the word “Cockney”, his bewilderment would have deepened (unless he watched the unreal ‘Eastenders’).

  8. Flyer, another very good article stating what should be obvious to all, especially UKIPpers who are usually ahead of the curve. That some ordinary members don’t seem to be is a pity imo, because if we all pulled together we might just have a chance.

    However we can discount all the AMW smearers who I detailed the other day, imo, I believe they have a different agenda which may set them up nicely post MEP-ships, either that or they, to my mind, are cowards. What we need to concentrate on is how best UKIP, or if necessary as Flyer said, another Party can offer an alternative to the lying present political class, and try to address the situation we now find ourselves in. I’m fairly sure AMW would trust very few of the current crop of UKIP ‘politicians’ (haha) and bring in people, probably including ex-Muslims who will be dedicated to the fight ahead. Brexit is a very small part of the problem, but Anne Marie knows that immigration is.

    I can’t link, but I would ask someone who is capable to put the link on this thread – Gad Saad’s chat with Anne Marie Waters. It was a little while ago, but shows so clearly how she came to be where she is now, what motivated her to begin (her best friend was Muslim) and I will just quote one line, which deals with Flyer’s point about AMW being ‘left wing’. She told Gad Saad, ” my contempt for the left is only possible from someone who was once a part of it”.

    Please, someone provide the link, and I urge people to watch this. Thank you.

  9. Labour, Conservatives and the Lib Dems – they may be different colours, but they are all cut from the same cloth. I’d also say the same for the Greens, SNP and Plaid Cymru.
    What we need is some new fabric, and UKIP must be part of this new fabric, rather than the tired worn out cloth we are all used to.

  10. AMW has another sterling quality that flyer missed out. She is 100% in favour of BREXIT no ifs no buts. I believe that more than David Kurten or Ben Walker she will – with the gift of the blarny stone – expostulate the frustrations and anger of all BREXITEERS. We are being lied to by the evilbbs, the metropolitan elites,and above all by most labour politicians. More than anyone in UKIP she is well placed to express the hopes, desires, and happiness of ordinary people and our cry for justice.
    She is untainted by all the ukip elite scams and unlike whittle AMW is not afraid of offending the powerful.
    Verily she has many of the characteristics of Jeanne D’Arc. Be not afraid of her dear people; her time has come and it will lead us to victory. Quite literally I believe that AnneMarie Waters is choosing to sacrifice her very life for Britain. People like her come around once in a hundred years. there will not be another. Having spoken to her I vouch for her character and her determination. All the other candidates are by comparison play acting and that includes JRE and BW.

    • ck. the first 10 minutes of AMW speech when she came to the local branch up here was on Brexit, how important it is. One of her main concerns was the loss of momentum and passion within the Brexit position. It needs unrelenting pressure to keep Brexit going. Her concern is the people will gradually lose interest and energy for the debate. Essentially the elites have more staying power and once people pressure goes Brexit will just stall.
      AMW would also support the other nations of Europe intheir opposition. She wants the entire EU to collapse.

  11. This is well said Flyer.

    Islam is the huge elephant in the room which LibLabCon are studiously ignoring. Very soon, in a matter of a decade and a half or at most two decades we will be at the point of no return. It will be then impossible to reverse the Islamic takeover of the UK. In a way the point when it reaches 50% of the population a few decades later is somewhat irrelevant – by then the trajectory will be fixed and any significant deviation from it will be hopeless.

    I am not sure that all UKIP members, or even all UKIP leadership candidates fully understand the urgency of the task. Anne Marie Waters does, probably Ben Walker does too. John Rees-Evans would also consider internment to be an option:

    We have been invaded. The enemy combatants are in our midst. Tough measures are absolutely required. Pussy footing around, Prevent Strategy, security services monitoring extremists, these all have failed. In fact they cannot succeed. They never could, and they never will. The enemy is implacable, determined, and has effectively infinite time and resources and determination. This is not like defeating Nazi Germany, the scale is far larger.

    All other policy ideas pale into insignificance. Whether someone want to nationalise the railways or another wants to privatise the NHS is entirely irrelevant once Islam takes over.

    • Dear Hugo, you who is a whizz at links, will you answer my plea above and put the Gad Saad chat with Anne Marie link below my comment, please!? x

      • Dee, it is easy to add links. Open the web page of interest, then highlight the link (you will see it near the top of the browser window), then select “copy”. Then move the cursor to where you want it to be placed in your comment. Then select “paste”.
        Hope that helps.

        • Not on an iPad it doesn’t, or if it does, I haven’t got the hang of it, it’s probably lurking somewhere. I will try harder! – thanks Hugo Flyer has sorted it! x

  12. As a former UKIP member, I’ve been disappointed at how easily the party has been dissected and allowed to fall into near disrepair. I don’t especially like AMW…if I were a member I’d not vote for her…..but…taking a Christian view, I know that sometimes the most unusual people are divinely appointed to take the lead in situations of dire need. And I would agree that the UK is in grave danger of losing its identity and culture.
    UKIP can be the vehicle for the ordinary people to unite behind and crush our enemies…but if it has no wheels then it aint much use. The keyword is UNITY…our enemies are STRONGLY united in their fervent beliefs and goals…destruction of the country and control of the world…if unity works for them then it will work for us. Unity is a neutral force, working good or evil according to those who use it. But you gotta get it right.

  13. Couldn’t agree more. Suggest we all need to keep hitting the treachery button as you have mentioned because it’s not obvious to the vast majority that the actions which have brought us to this state were and are deliberate, the destruction of our way of life. Pure Treason.
    And as I was reminded only last night by another 60-something, our generation has to do this because our kids are generally so switched off. Putting it bluntly, our knowledge will die with us.
    That’s why AMW is so important at this time and why we need to give her every support possible. IMHO.

  14. “Anne Marie’s political background is probably a little right wing compared to my own and other”

    Read Left wing

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