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Why support Trump? How this can help us in Stoke-on-Trent.

1) Trump supports Britain! He has put the bust of Winston Churchill back in the Oval Office.

2) He supports an Independent Britain! Here at last is a world leader who thinks Brexit is great.

3) He really likes our Nigel! He actually prefers Nigel to Mrs May and her minions. He recognises Nigel’s and UKIP’s crucial role in obtaining and winning the referendum.

4) And whereas snooty Obama came and told us not to vote to leave the EU, or we would be at the back of the queue for a trade deal with the USA, Trump says we will be at the front of the queue!   

5) This campaign speech by Trump addressing the problem of Radical Islamic Terrorism is the best I have heard on the subject so far. At last, a Western leader who has identified the main threat to us all. (Given off the cuff, no notes, and has he done his homework! He knows the numbers of victims, dead and wounded, of each and every terrorist attack in Europe and in the USA… most impressive).

And he says that to beat these savages, we must join forces with anti-terrorist forces in the region (Israel, Abdullah of Jordan, Al-Sisi of Egypt), and most importantly, with Putin’s Russia. Very sensible.

In contrast, Mrs May in her supposedly “pro-Brexit” speech makes no mention of the Islamist  threat, and says Britain, under her guidance, must continue to “lead Europe in sanctions against Russia”. Madness… She may have fooled many of us with her rhetoric, but I hope she won’t fool Mr Trump when they meet next week.

Can any of this help us in the forthcoming by-election in Stoke-on-Trent?

Yes, I think it can.

Brexit and the overwhelming Brexit vote in the area will of course be a great help, since Corbyn’s Labour party leadership are and were against Brexit, while swathes of Labour voters voted for Brexit, and so, many of the 12000 who voted Labour last time, and who would never ever vote Tory, can be hoped, even expected, to vote UKIP instead this time. Paul is surely well-poised to gather up that discontent.

But what about the 7000 who voted Tory last time? UKIP did just beat them, but only by a whisker…

We need to siphon off as many as possible of these votes too. The danger is that Mrs May, with her carefully-staged Brexiteering rhetoric, has made UKIP appear to be “surplus to requirements”. The Tory candidate might even hoover up disgruntled Labour voters who voted heavily for Brexit in the referendum.

Surely it is vital that we put as much clear blue water as possible between ourselves and the Tories, in the public mind in general, and in the minds of local voters!

We need to highlight Mrs May’s mess of security, foreign and defence policy, as shown in point 11 of her speech in Lancaster House.

She clearly veers more towards Hillary Clinton’s view that Putin’s Russia is the main danger in the world, rather than Radical Islamic Terrorism. If she pursues this policy, she will alienate the sympathies not only of the current governments of Europe with her Brexiteering rhetoric, which is fair enough, but she’ll also make an enemy of Russia, and therefore alienate any sympathy of the Trump administration by her unhelpful attitude to Trump’s policy of rapprochement with Russia.

And we can stress that her speech on Brexit last Tuesday omitted certain essential themes, which can cause us to doubt that it was basically just froth, sound and fury, signifying nothing more than an attempt to say things she expects her listeners want to hear. But will she actually deliver?

Or is she just trying to steal UKIP’s clothes, so comprehensively that voters will fall into the trap of thinking – “Well, UKIP is now surplus to requirements, so we might as well all vote Tory so as not to split the pro-Brexit vote”.

There are questions she must answer, and she will only answer them if we have Paul Nuttall in Parliament to hold her feet to the fire, and put these, and other, questions to her, fair and square:

  1. Why did she make no mention of reclaiming our fishing grounds?
  2. Why no mention of withdrawing from the European Convention of so-called Human Rights, which not only stops us from dealing with terrorists as we see fit, but also does nothing to protect innocent suspects imprisoned for lengthy periods on no evidence and with no right to a public hearing? (The ECHR does not safeguard nor even cover Habeas Corpus.)
  3. Why no mention of suspending the execution of unevidenced European Arrest Warrants (which she promoted so warmly when Home Secretary), issued on the mere say-so of any dodgy European judicial authority, and soon to be issued by the new European Public Prosecutor? This puts the safety and security of each and every person living in Britain at risk. The lack of any requirement to show evidence opens the gate to false charges, masking other, murkier, reasons for wanting somebody to be put away. In a word, it opens the way to full-blown tyranny, such as our friends in continental Europe have experienced all too often, and in living memory. As long as we are all subject to EAWs, we are a vassal state. Its continued existence in its current form makes a mockery of Brexit.
  4. When is she going to withdraw and disown the outrageous statement she made as Home Secretary to Parliament in June 2012, through her Minister, that she would welcome onto British soil lethally-armed, paramilitary “special intervention units from our EU allies” “if needed”? Did she not imagine that these would be the European Gendarmerie Force, who then would claim allegiance only to Brussels, so would not leave if asked to by a merely British authority, thus leaving the country under virtual military occupation?

Does she really want to take Britain out of the EU? Or is she only play-acting, with her carefully staged rhetoric?

Only with a robust UKIP voice like Paul Nuttall’s, on the green benches, can we find out!

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About Torquil Dick-Erikson (27 Articles)
Torquil Dick-Erikson has been living in Rome for over 40 years,and, as a legal journalist, studying the differences between the continental and the Anglo-Saxon systems of criminal justice (there are no Chairs of comparative criminal procedure in any University in the UK or elsewhere, AFAIK). He has spoken in conferences in Italy and in England, and published in Italian and English law journals, as well as in the Financial Times, the Wall Street Journal, and elsewhere. From 1993 to 1998 he was a contributor to The European Journal, where he published his findings on Corpus Juris

28 Comments on Why support Trump? How this can help us in Stoke-on-Trent.

  1. According to the Express, Paul Nuttall is well ahead in a Stoke poll. So the voters have decided to vote him in without even seeing his election address. And that’s politics! Hardly any voters look in detail at a case being made just whatever big message they’ve picked up or the mood they are in or told to be in. In this case fed up with Labour it seems. Very understandable. If the mood is not your way you won’t win however marvellous your detailed ideas. Getting the big mood your way is the game of politics from Julius Caesar to Nigel Farage.

  2. Look how much Trump has done since being in power for two days! now compare that to our beloved leader who has been there several months sweet FA. All that has happened is she has been abroad smiling and shaking hands a lot, looking very much the part. In the meantime she has allowed this court intervention, do we think Trump would have allowed that, NO! he would have activated Article 50 or most likely repealed the 1972 Act itself immediately. This is a blatant complete disregard of the peoples’ will.

    We still have weak ineffectual leaders who act tough but are far from it, and what is more galling is that the British people had no say in electing this present bunch. Let’s get Paul in and start the ball rolling, time is of essence and much more than that good organisation is a must, no more ad hoc approaches we must show the public we mean business on their behalf.

    No more career politicians, no more selling this country down the river, no more flogging our children’s future to make a quick buck, and no more uncontrolled immigration thus eroding our British identity even further. We must hold every politician, councillor and those in positions of power to account. Also, no more running our NHS into the ground and expecting it to run on goodwill.

  3. If you watch Geert Wilders’ speech to the AfD in Koblenz yesterday (see Mike Newland’s link on today’s News Review comments space), you’ll hear someone who knows exactly what’s going on in Europe and GB and tells the truth about it, same as Trump.
    No wonder T May didn’t want Geert Wilders in this country and banned him (note, he’s not banned in Germany!). Every word he says shows May and her cronies up for the blind PC morons they are; shows Corbyn and his castaways up for the space cadets living on another planet they are (read the same for Farron & his Farces; and, much as I hate to say it, shows UKIP up for being the Careful, Cautious Crew that they appear to be when it comes to the threat to our existence as a free nation.
    As Geert says, we should be thankful that Trump is President. Perhaps we should volunteer to be an Honorary State.

    • Disgusting and undemocratic that Geert Wilders is banned. I wonder what May will do if he is elected? Maybe I’ll start a petition…

  4. Telegraph headline today. “May trade deal will open door to US jobs.”

    Not until we leave the single market it won’t and that’s what, about 2 or 3 years away? if it happens at all ?

  5. I hope that if Nuttall does campaign on BREXIT he does so on those issues you highlight, but especially the return of our fishing grounds which is uncomplicated and easy for people to get behind.
    But as Q says, we need policies NOW that distance us from the Tories, and if CK is right about immigration, an Australian points based system won’t go down all that well, but he has launched it already.
    I so agree with those people that say Russia is not our enemy, I have always thought that the reason it is being demonized by the EU and USA is because it is the only big power that stands in the way of the ‘project’. Thank heavens Trump understands this, I hope he can get through to May, but I don’t believe May doesn’t understand – I think she continues to assist Globalists where she is able to do so.

  6. Russia is actually the inheritor and successor of ‘First Europe’ — as the synonymous with the *first* Judeo-Christian civilisation that came into being with the conversion of Emperor Constantine and founded upon the theological foundations, successive witness and divine liturgy of the Eastern Church.

    Our Western European civilisation owes more to the theological principles that grew within the bosom of the Western Church as embodied by the Blessed St Augustine of Hippo (who is one of the four Doctors of the Western Church) – and hence ‘Second Europe.’ The terms ‘First Europe’ and ‘Second Europe’ to be sure comes from an. Eastern Orthodox worldview. EO as we all know claims continuity with the Eastern Church whilst both the Roman Catholic Church and the Churches of the Protestant Reformation trace their lineage pre-eminently to the Western Church.

  7. Yes!

    Agree also it’s not Russia that’s the enemy — that’s a legacy of the Cold War worldview … it’s Radical Islam ….. (here in Malaysia, the Muslims are also increasingly subjected to Islamisation aka Arabisation ala Wahabbi-style directly imported from Saudi Arabia, particularly infecting the elite, middle-class and highly educated …… the non-Muslims and moderate Muslims are resisting the trend in one way or another including the proposed introduction of the barbaric practices of sharia criminal law whereby the distinction between offences against the precepts of religion and that of ‘civil law’ under the Penal Code inherited from the British will be blurred — and hence sharia supremacy which marks political and social subjugation and so on)

    Stoke Central pop est 90,000 of which 60,000 electors.
    Turnout at General Elections a mere 50% hence widespread discontent disinterest in Labour politics. ( at local elections turnout is a shocking 25%).
    1970 zero ethnic minorities ( except for Welsh speaking Welsh in Hanley)
    2017 8% ethnics and growing fast.
    ABBEY GREEN aspiring working class and still majority staffy culture inc oatcake bakers; immigration fears and economy fears make them vote tory ( parents voted labour)
    BENTILEE homeland of the ‘deplorables’ large poor white working class council estate with multiple problems – low paid jobs, poor schools, single parents, hate foreigners – prime UKIP territory but do not bother to vote.
    HANLEY shopping centre and cultural hub once a centre of coal mining now increasingly changing towards 3rd world migrants esp SHELTON. Many old pensioners whose children and grandchildren have moved to Stafford, Stone, Kidsgrove. Used to vote labour religiously now vote out of habit – a must for door to door canvassing.
    HARTSHILL mixed zone but primarily white skilled/lower middle class some libdems and hardcore labour but increasingly floating voters. NHS a big issue. Gone are the days of the thousands of potbank workers in Minton, Copeland, Burleigh, Crown and other famous brands. Betrayed by governments for 60 years, Story too long to relate here.
    TRENTVALE Stoke’s idea of siburbia typical con voters but working class people who came on board in Maggie’s days of yore. Probably stick with May on the basis of her promises.

    • CK, Thank you for that; I don’t know Stoke well but that helps us understand a bit more. Hopefully? Nuttall will read it and do some further research.

    • CK,

      Can you tell us what the most pressing local issues are in Stoke Central, Paul has mentioned the local hospital, what are the problems there? Are there long waiting times and threatened bed closures?

      • NHS Hartshill hospital management problems, overspent, big increase in pop and aging pop is leading to shortage of beds.
        Other local issues trying to get your children in good schools also what I call Citizen Insecurity – a feeling of being increasingly a stranger in your home town. Also Labour Council bad practice of prioritising immigrant areas for grants etc etc

        • CK,

          Thank you CK, it seems like they are suffering the problems that are affecting all of us, brought on by PC shortsighted career politicians looking after their own interests and not that of the people they serve, repeating the crass decisions of those that went before them.

          Let us pray that our new public spirited movement will change all that starting in Stoke, and why not Stoke? What a shock to London that would be, especially the Islington set, sat in their elite little commune away from reality sipping their fairtrade coffee discussing the demise of Castro, not realizing that theirs is staring them in the face. Cannot wait, bring it on, we can do this.

  9. Torquil
    Excellent. But if we really want to put ‘clear blue water between us and the Conservatives’ then we’d better start thinking through our economic policies, because that in the end is what wins general elections. Win or lose the 2 by-elections, we have to aim for the big one, and the sooner the better.
    We are not going to win on Tory economic policies.

    • A party vying to win its second MP has little traction on economic policy. It can’t do anything if it wins however wise its ideas and Britain is not overtly in a period of mass unemployment.

      Winning in these circumstances is about big ideas which propel emotions. That can be economic but not at the moment. Fishing grounds is not an issue in Stoke! May has Europe for the moment as her territory rightly or wrongly. The details are not big ideas for the voters.

      The big idea is there for the taking. It’s identity. The working-class can see the score. It’s for UKIP to decide whether it dares or is the Careful Cautious Crew that panmelia refers to. Too big for us guv!

      • Yes, Mike, it’s about National IDENTITY and that’s what Paul and the Team need to hammer home to those who are worried about this country’s future and the future of their kids and grandkids..
        Questions to ask voters: ‘Are you a Brit or a European?’ If someone says ‘European’, waste no further time on them.
        ‘As a Brit, do you think our country is in a good state?’ If someone says ‘No’, ask “What is the main problem?”
        If they answer ‘immigration’, ask if the present government is likely to do anything about that. They might say ‘Perhaps’ (falling for T May’s rhetoric).

        It’s at this point that UKIP should have some facts to hand about the Tories’ continuing failure to control immigration, and how liblabs think there is no problem at all. THEN is the moment to say exactly what UKIP will do when it gets into power, and it’s GOT to be better than ‘adopt the Australian points system’. It HAS to be ‘Shut the doors and keep them shut for 5 years while we reduce the number of people in this country by various means.’
        I do believe this was UKIP policy in the past and it should be still. “Britain for the British” would be a good slogan.

        • UKIP may win but if the big things are not pressed it will be despite itself. Press the big matters and don’t win you are still ahead of the game in that you’ve marked up support for the radical mood which is sweeping Europe and the US. It’s a no brainer really.

        • It is NOT just about identity, Panmelia. If you think about it, it’s Trump’s economic message that swung it.
          Of course plug Brexit and immigration too – but let’s give ourselves a better chance, shall we?

          • The electors in a byelection will only get mostly a brief idea of what is being stood for. Most people don’t even read leaflets in detail. It’s no use piling up long screeds. They’ll throw it in the bin. You are lucky if they even get two points.

            Trump was standing in a national election lasting months with vast coverage so he could say lots and get heard. All most voters register in a small election is whether a party contacted them.

            As I said earlier most voters are not politics followers delving and thinking. If they were we’d never have got in this mess. The pros know that. Amateurs don’t.

            Try knocking. Did you get our leaflet? Um yes I think we got yours we’ve had quite a few. Was there something about the hospital in it? Success!

      • Mike
        The EU and immigration have neen been enough to win elections (more than one seat, anyway). They might yet prove so in Stoke, but it’s one one by-election, and the lesson of by-elections is that upsets rarely get translated to GEs.
        So why take the risk of NOT adding the Economy to the mix?! It’s what makes people’s lives better – such an important message for working people.
        I’m not saying don’t go for Brexit and immigration too – of course not. But don’t let’s shoot ourselves in the foot from the start.
        This is the difference between the tap to the goalie, and a hard strike into the back of the net.

        • Nothing WRONG in discussing the economy. But its capacity in a byelection to motivate voters is minute. Unless you have a big local issue say closure of a steel plant or hospital due to money.

          People involved in politics tend to think everyone is like them picking daily over everything. Most voters are broad brush. Often following one another if a big mood seems to be taking off.

          Technically it’s a ‘complex system’ like the weather not clockwork.

          • Mike
            People want to be offered a better future, something positive, something to wrongfoot our opponents.
            You’re making it harder for us.

          • Of course Quercus but you have to ensure it’s things they’ll respond to in the circumstances. Economics comes low down the list here IMHO.

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