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2015 – the Beginning of the Great Unraveling?

On the last days of the year, it has become customary in the Media to provide a more or less interesting and truthful review of the year just passed, garnished with the obligatory photos of what the politicians and celebrities did.

This is not another one of those reviews. Instead, when looking back on 2015, I noticed something new has been happening, and is still ongoing. That ‘something new’ is not a single event but is made up of many events which looked like straws in the wind while they happened.

That ‘something new’ is a slow but accelerating change in the attitude of so many people towards the EU as she now exists – an ever increasing dissatisfaction which is not restricted to us here in the UK.
I call it “The Beginning of the Great Unravelling”, because it reminds me of unravelling a knitted jumper, something my grannies did in the last Century, when they wasted nothing. Such unravelling always started slowly and with difficulties because one must find the final knot with which the knitting had been secured, because the last rows always had been knitted very tightly and because one must avoid destroying the actual wool threads. One never started at the beginning of the knit, one always started at the finish, and while this unravelling started slowly, it then picked up pace and lo and behold: suddenly there was no old jumper but balls of re-knittable wool!

So it was in 2015: the knot keeping things together, the MSM, has finally become loosened, and thus the unravelling has started.

This can be seen in the reporting of the ‘refugee’ crisis across the EU where establishment politicians and their willing helpers in the MSM have been singularly unsuccessful in selling this invasion to the citizens of their countries as a ‘humanitarian’ duty. No better example can be found which illustrates the words of Abraham Lincoln, that one can fool some people all of the time and all people some of the time but never all of the people all of the time.

For the first time this century, the difference between what the politicians and the MSM said and wrote and what the people saw with their own eyes in their neighborhood was so huge, it could no longer be brushed under the carpet. Everybody saw that not children and women came but a multitude of healthy young men. Everybody suddenly started to understand that they were being lied to, and that they were expected not just to swallow those lies but to pay for them. Everybody started to understand that what TPTB were telling them to believe was based on lies serving the Establishment, from the actual ‘refugee’ numbers to the reports and vituperations of foreign political parties and governments for being “extreme right wing” when they actually, for all to see, were not raving fascists but ordinary patriots.

Also, in glaring contrast to the attitudes fifty years ago, left-wing parties and governments are rarely remarked upon, and treated as ‘natural’ by the EU politicians and MSM even when they come close to or into power, like Syriza in Greece, or Podemos in Spain: they are part of the structure, but patriotic parties and patriots like Victor Orban in Hungary are vilified by them.

But people watch and see, and they have seen the events, the lies, and are becoming aware of the fact that their leading politicians have no clothes, just as the fabled emperor – and that it is now OK to mention that.

Even some in the MSM here in the UK are slowly and carefully starting to back-pedal. The floods up North are the best example, because far too many remember what happened in Somerset just about two years ago at the beginning of 2014.

At that time, mentioning the EU directives and the lack of dredging as having led to these devastating floods was never done in polite circles in Westminster and the MSM. Now relevant articles are printed in local papers, and the nation is given the opportunity to snigger about yet another photo opportunity of ‘Cameron in wellies’ by the Westminster Court meejah.

Yes, these events looked like nothing very momentous in the grand scheme of things, or so the usual suspects in Westminster and Brussels would want us to believe. But the shift in popular opinion, against the EU, the Brusselocrats and the Brussels policies is now noticeable and is growing greater by the day, right across the EU.

When even Germans, the staunchest of defenders of all things EU are saying in ever greater numbers that it would be better to end this EU, then you know that the first row of stitches in the knitted fabric of the EU is being unraveled by the ordinary citizens – and that events and history are on our side: BREXIT will happen!

Happy New Year to you all!

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11 Comments on 2015 – the Beginning of the Great Unraveling?

  1. Here’s another straw in the wind – or is it more like a big stick? Gavin Essler on BBC News this morning hardly able to keep his shock and dismay in bounds when addressing the top news item: the persecution of soldiers who were sent by the politicians to fight in Iraq and are now paying out British taxpayers’ money in LEGAL AID to any Iraqi who cares to make a complaint against members of our Armed Forces. These fraudsters are being sought out by the agents of British ambulance-chasing lawyers who are keen to make loadsa money by perverting justice and honesty. All done in the name of EU Human Rights, naturally. The government has set up an office of 145 people to look into these spurious claims headed by an ex-copper, no doubt on a big salary. This investigation will last for years he says: I bet it will – look at how long they’ve managed to keep the Bloody Sunday enquiries going. A colonel interviewed by Essler made it absolutely clear what was going on and I believe every word he says about the sheer cowardice of politicians kowtowing to the EU Human Rights nonsense that should have been abolished by now.
    If this has boiled your blood as much as mine, google “10 Downing Street” and send a message to the Prime Minister. If enough of them are sent, his minions might point out to the PM that the electorate are VERY unhappy with the persecution of our soldiers for wars confected by lying politicians.

  2. Let us not insult our own dear Motherland by referring to the EU with the feminine pronoun ‘she’ (3rd para). Despite the Germans preferring the epithet ‘Fatherland’ for their country, I would not even substitute ‘he’ in deference to their dominance in the EU.
    No, the soulless, inhuman, blood-sucking, bureaucratic abomination that is the EU is nothing but an “IT” with all the sinister connotations that can be summoned by the use of this pronoun when applied to non-organic, unfathomable and alien entities.

  3. Quick update on my comment above, happily proving me wrong.
    Not one but two letters in today’s DM each mentioning/blaming the EU Water Framework Directive.

  4. TPTB?? I do wish that bloggers wouldn’t just assume all of the time that we know what these acronyms are. MSM I do understand but other occasional readers might not. Otherwise, a good article for the last day of the year.

    • Ah, sorry about that! I’ve been grumbling about the self-same thing myself, and do apologise.
      ‘TPTB’ stands for ‘the powers that be’.

  5. Last year Somerset flooded the result the rivers were dredged this year more rain no flooding. So we can expect the same in Yorkshire in the new year but it won’t help the people who have lost everything. This government is a disgrace and a disaster

    • Couldn’t agree more!
      And still people do not get it that the unholy alliance of ‘green’ NGOs, Brussels and the EU and Whitehall are the real culprits here, and have been for decades.
      One wonders what more needs to happen for people to wake up!

  6. Excellent article. And there have been other good signs in 2015. Russia is re-asserting itself in the Middle East, and hopefully starting to sort that out. That, after all, goes to the root of many problems.

    • Thank you!
      Yes, there are some good signs, but as far as the ME is concerned, it looks more like the famous Chinese curse to me: living in interesting times …

  7. I hope you are right. I have searched in vain for any mention of the mad EU Directive behind the flooding; all still toeing the line of that 1971 FCO briefing paper that national politicians must take the flak for any unpopular community measures so as not to draw attention to the EU as the source, to avoid bad vibes for them and to hide the fact that we are no longer in control of our own country. I can’t believe that still holds in this day and age. Are politicians and editors threatened with their lives or that their families will suffer, if they let the cat out of the bag? How is it done?

    But thank you for reviving a long buried memory of probably my first useful job; I can see my myself standing by the fire, facing my mother in a chair, my arms out parallel from the elbows, palms vertical, being used as a skein collector as she carefully unravelled an old pullover.

    • This is how it is done: fear. Not fear of losing one’s job, precisely, but fear of social ostracism. After all, would one get precious invitations to the Islington Champagne Dinners if one wrote stuff the others frown upon?
      Thanks for your memory of having to stand as skein collector – I do recall that sort of thing as well!

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