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10 Steps To Stop Brexit: The Remainer Strategy (Part II)

[Ed: you can read Part I here]

Step 5: Make Brexit guilty by association

You’re going to associate Brexit with the far-right. Nothing is off the table – you don’t know this yet, but you’ll be able to blame Nigel Farage for other people’s racist violence (it’ll eventually turn out to be nothing of the sort, but the mud might stick if you stick your fingers in your ears and refuse to admit the untruth).

You’ll take any opportunity to associate Brexit with every negative you can find. At this point you don’t really know how it’s going to play out, but you do know polling. You know that Vladimir Putin polls very badly in the UK, and that the presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump also polls badly. Better still, they split Leave voters: some like them, others hate them, so as a bonus you’ll cause Leave supporters to fight amongst themselves.

Associate Brexit with three things: the far right, Vladimir Putin, and Donald Trump. It’s a classic smear campaign.

Step 6: Everything that goes wrong from now on must be the fault of Brexit.

Two words: Despite Brexit. Those two words will cover any good news that happens. You can now blame any bad news on Brexit, and you win. This strategy will work whether unemployment, the stock market, the pound, the deficit, or anything else goes up or down.

Step 7: Divide and conquer

Pick away at the pieces, one step at a time. The strategy’s simple: Northern Ireland has a land border with the EU. If you can complicate that enough, and create some mischief requiring a special deal for Northern Ireland, you can then rely on Scottish and Welsh politicians to push for the same. London can then follow suit. As one Remainer Conservative politician put it to me recently, “Just Grimsby and a few other places will be left”. Sorry people of towns north of Watford, you’re not part of the Remainers’ strategy to derail Brexit. Such people can be caricatured, derided and ignored.

Step 8: Consistently take the EU’s side against the Brits in negotiations

You have to believe that everything that the EU wants in negotiations is automatically correct. You can shout that from the rooftops. If your plan is going to succeed, you need the UK to be unsuccessful in negotiations. You must undermine them at every opportunity. The critical point is this: the UK and the EU must not negotiate as equals. The UK must be the fawning supplicant, asking the EU’s permission for everything. Anything that the EU doesn’t fancy doing, you’ll then be able to claim is absolutely impossible. Keep pouring scorn over everything the government tries to do; you know it’s weak enough already, all you need to do is tip them over the edge and they’ll soon be conceding all sorts of things that they don’t need to.

Step 9: Launch Project Fear 2

So Project Fear didn’t work, and people voted for Brexit anyway. That’s okay, because you can keep right on going. Now that Leave won the referendum, it’s difficult for them to keep campaigning for an outcome that’s already won. If you continue with Project Fear, it’ll be far harder for anyone to oppose you. If you try really really hard, you might even be able to create a self-fulfilling prophecy. If you can persuade enough other people to say how awful our country and its economy will be post-Brexit, you just might be able to convince the markets to believe you. Remember, you can hurt the British people as much as you want in support of your campaign to reverse democracy. You’re doing it in support of the Remain cause, but you can always blame Leave for it later. You can try to tank the economy, knowing someone else will take the blame if you succeed. It’s a win-win for you, isn’t it?

Step 10: Claim that people have changed their minds since the Brexit vote and demand a second referendum to overturn the first

You can sow the seeds of this one gradually for a year or two, but eventually – probably at some point in 2018 – you’re just going to have to go for it. The trick will be to stoke up a non-existent wave of public anger, supported by your friends in the media, and cherry-pick any poll which could possibly support your position. Polls generally overestimated support for Remain during the referendum campaign, so you’ll need to completely forget that fact and pretend that whichever poll you choose to cherry-pick must be utterly infallible. One in every 20 polls is a rogue poll; find a rogue poll which implies that the public have changed their minds over Brexit, and mention it as though it were in fact the oracle of all wisdom.


This isn’t just a thought experiment though, it’s reality: Remainers have been following this strategy for real. We all know what triumphs when good people do nothing; we need to fight this tooth and nail. Are we ready to battle to protect Brexit once more?


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Jonathan is General secretary of UKIP and represents the North East of England as a UKIP MEP

20 Comments on 10 Steps To Stop Brexit: The Remainer Strategy (Part II)

  1. We in South Devon are already talking about going back to Brixham, This time we will join up other branches like Totnes/Torbay & any others who would like to join us. Also we hope Fishing for Leave will come along so we can show the support for our local fishermen.

  2. Why does Arnot keep going on about President Trump.
    So weak minded. No wonder ukip is lost.

    • I mentioned briefly in the second half of point 5 out of a 10-point description of Remainer strategy that Remainers are trying to associate Brexit with Trump and Putin. I did so because that IS their strategy. I don’t ‘keep going on’ about it.

  3. Richard. You are right that we should be campaigning on many issues. This branch homed in on fishing and gave total support to the FFL campaign as fishing is such an important industry in South Devon. We felt it best to pick on one issue and do it really well and make an impact than to spread the tiny team so thin that we achieve nowt!

  4. Rhys. I totally agree that UKIP should be making the Fishing for Leave case loud and clear. It is so straight forward to explain nationally, and for the branches with coastal towns and fishing traditions an obvious place to campaign for Out Now! On Saturday 25 November my branch had an action morning in Brixham. ( Letter in UKIP Daily on Monday 27 November should you wish to know more). The town was busy as people had traveled from far and wide for a day out and to take in the fireworks and Christmas light switch on. Folk were queuing up to sign the Fishing For Leave template letter calling for us to be out of CFP in March 2019. Having already deluged our MP with that letter this time around the letter was to the PM. We handed out leaflets and gave them the link to Mike Hookem’s petition. Just a few members turned out but we collated 300 letters in 3 hours! People are furious at the pigs ear that Theresa May is making and were pleased to see UKIP supporters taking up their concerns. They all wanted to talk, to express their frustration. With more helpers on the day we could have collected thousands of signatures. People are cross and can smell the stench of betrayal.They want to know that UKIP is on the case!

    • Excellent. This is precisely the kind of campaigning UKIP should be organising both nationally and locally.

      My only caveat is that campaigning should not be limited to Fishing for Leave, as important as this is. It is the whole of Brexit which is in peril not just the fisheries aspect of it.

  5. I know I’m boring, but here goes.

    UKIP must organise, organise,organise.

    Now, I know, ” He’s already done it by appointing god knows how many spokes persons, thingamibob gurus, and committees “………Rubbish.

    Just think about football as an example. Most clubs in britain are superbly organised from the directors down to the players ( Team ). In the 1940’s they were like ukip.

    I, (me ), personally,Cannot tell you what that organisation should be. HB alone knows what his aims ( and those of others ) REALLY are. When he’s worked that out, then he can ask about all the rules of thumb of the job. Like – Never give power to a committee, Divide and rule, NO ONE can manage more than about 7 subordinates ( Jesus could only manage 11 or so ), Your deputy should be like a good and clever wife, and so on.

    Anyway HB seems a thoughtful sort of chap. I have every confidence……….Once sorted, Jonathans concerns ( Totally valid ) become more vulnerable.

    • I agree – but for your words “UKIP must organise, organise, organise” I would substitute “UKIP must campaign, campaign, campaign”.

      • OK I give in ( negotiate ).
        Perhaps both ?

        • But what are we campaigning for ?
          Everything ?

          • What should we be campaigning for? A real and complete Brexit – and Ceri Jayes’s post above provides an example of what is required.

            Campaigning involves communicating with the public – the potential voters – and not just with ourselves. All the of the Leave organisations: Change Britain,, UKIP and Get Britain Out seem to be echo chambers in which we talk amongst ourselves. This is the wrong emphasis – we need to talk to the undecided – not to the already converted.

            But, yes, I agree, campaigning needs to be organised and co-ordinated.

  6. I totally agree it was always going to be the case that the ‘establishment’ which is pro-EU was always going to do this and I am sad to say it is working
    look at the sell out we are seeing. So time for action !
    These in my view are the key points that MUST be countered :-

    1. The ‘single market’ is good for trade – Really ? what evidence ? I have seen comprehensive reports that say it has made no difference whatsoever to UK / EU trade
    2. The so called ‘divorce bill’ in law we owe nothing and I was disappointed that Henry Bolt didn’t state this on question time recently.

    3. The Irish border, a none issue. Jacob Reece-Mogg provided the answer 2 days ago.

    4. Trading with the EU on WTO is a good thing not bad ! a sell out to get a so called trade deal is even worse than WTO . 40 Billion (divorce bill) would pay for any tariffs imposed by the EU , under WTO, for at least 4 years ! – Have no fear WTO is good ! (thats how the rest of the world deal with the EU)

    5. Press the 180 degree Labour sell out on the EU. If we can get the 4-5 million ‘Labour’/leave voters not to vote for them at the next election their vote share will collapse.

    6. Press the ECJ EU citizenship inbalance This can’t be allowed to happen
    even if it is said for a ‘transitional’ period, that is code for it will never happen.

    Very worrying times, we need to fight back otherwise this is going to be a massive sellout otherwise. 17.5 million people is a huge section of the voting public and if you feel this is the most important issue we need to fight back and now!

    • The single market may be good for trade, but it is a globalists wet dream when it comes to exploiting people. All we have seen is ‘big business’ moving their manufacturing operations from countries like the UK, France and Germany, into eastern European countries, purely for the reason that the labour force doesn’t have to be paid as much due to lower cost of living standards there, another ‘bonus’ for the globalists of having a single currency! The ‘benefit’ for consumers has been negligible, while big business rakes in extra profits.
      It always riled me during the referendum campaign when Remainers were bleating about how we need to stay in the EU to ‘protect jobs’; I don’t have any figures to hand to back this up, but my feeling is that the single market has actually destroyed jobs in this country (as well as Germany and France, its not just us being affected).
      And then on the other hand, a lot of eastern Europeans have come to the UK to take low-paid unskilled work; yes, they are earning a lot more than they would do in their home country, even at minimum wage, and I don’t blame them for doing so. But this is causing wages to become depressed, and once again big business is exploiting immigrant workers and profiting by not having to increase salaries.
      On the ‘divorce bill’ I believe all that we owe the EU is our membership fee up until the point we leave, so in the region of £20m (based on us paying about £10m a year). The EU cannot sign off its own accounts, so they should be told that they will have to readjust their budget accordingly.

      • Sorry, that should have been “£20bn” and “£10bn”. 😮
        When I left my contract with Virgin Media last year, they didn’t demand I continue to pay to cover any shortfall in their budget as a result.

        • Yes but you hadn’t agreed 5-year contract with Virgin had you? You agreed a one-year contract that came to an end. If you were 2 years into a 5 year contract then I doubt they’d be so obliging as they would have probably given you a year free or something to get you on the hook. Anyway, glad you have left them, I cancelled 5 SIM cards, 1 credit card, swapped all my Virgin airmiles for Hilton Hotel points, and swapped my broadband to BT rather than enrich Branson.

  7. Jonathan thank you for a very thorough, blow-by blow account of exactly what we’re seeing.

    One of the few things I still remember from my time in the light infantry way down South was: The first order of battle – win the fire-fight.

    As things now stand the enemy’s winning the fire-fight.

    If we are to win we need to

    Attack! Attack! Attack!
    (Politically speaking of course.)

  8. ‘The presumptive Republican nominee’ ?

    This piece seems to have been written over a year ago ? But as such was prescient.

    The tactics of the Remainiacs / Hard Core EU~philes were indeed predictable : the Establishment has never been dealt the blow it received in June 2016 ~it was bound to regroup, rearm, and go on the attack. All of which it is doing extremely effectively. The Remainers Ball is proof if such were needed of their arrogance and confidence that they are winning.

    Which makes it all the stranger and sadder that Nigel left the fray immediately after the Referendum : with all his political nous and prescience, did he really think the Vote was more than one battle in a continuing war ?

    The past cannot be changed but we do need Nigel NOW to seriously re enter the fray.

    The continued serious harm our societal cohesion caused by Mass Uncontrolled Immigration proceeds : it would do no harm if the UKIP Leadership made this particular point loudly, clearly, and, most especially, unapologetically.

    Certainly not the only reason for Brexit ( why are UKIP not making the FishingForLeave case more effectively ? ) but probably the one which most resonates with most people ( even some reluctant Remainers scared into voting remain by Project Fear).

    • Not written over a year ago – all was explained in Part 1…the premise of the piece is imagining what Remain campaigners would be thinking on June 24 2016 if desperate to overturn democracy.

    • I can’t understand why someone like Jonathan would distance himself from Trump. UKIP needs all the allies it has, and it becoming increasingly clear that Trump is the stoutest defender of western democracy we have seen since Reagan. Why are UKIPs leadership team so lukewarm on him? He has many fans in the UK, a ‘March for Trump’ is now being organised to defend him, and UKIP was in pole position to ride this tiger, but seemed to be afraid of him for no articulated reason except parrotting Hillary Clinton’s lines. UKIP should embrace Trump and recreate his movement. I’m sorry but post-Brexit UKIP needs to find its purpose in life and Trump provides a ready-made blueprint.

      • Our opponents are absolutely desperate to associate Brexit with Trump. They are going out of their way, time and time again, to try to create that association. Ask yourself why they’re doing this. Do we really want to play into their hands?

        We can’t afford to divide our support at such a time as this. I know lots of former UKIP voters who absolutely despise Trump. We won’t win them back by promoting him. Likewise, there are even more Leave voters who despise him. Don’t give those people another reason not to vote UKIP; don’t give Leave voters a reason to drift away from Leave. What we can do is point out the media overreaction.

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