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  • churchill

    The words of Churchill

    This short speech from Winston Churchill was delivered by him in 1899 when he was a young soldier and journalist. It probably sets out the current views of many, but [...]
  • helmer cartoon a

    Immigration – good or bad?

    By an extraordinary coincidence, I came across two cartoons today that despite decades between them seemed joined at the hip.  The first (I’m told) has been knocking about [...]
  • nigel at conference best

    Conference – what really happened

    If you’ve only looked at or listened to the Westminster MSM, you might be forgiven for assuming that the UKIP conference was one big shambles. After all, there was a report [...]
Editor’s Spotlight

Extremism Bill or Extremist Government?

by Staff Writer in Editorial

In Monday’s Telegraph there was an article outlining Comrade Theresa May’s next step to control the population. This is an extremely dangerous and deceitful power [...]


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